Water Management

Providing effective water management services in a conscientious manner on a consistent basis is the key to maintaining successful water treatment programs. Our experience is that regardless of the chemicals or equipment employed, for optimum performance, a water treatment program must be well managed by a competent water treatment professional. To ensure that our clients realize the maximum benefits of effective water treatment, we offer comprehensive field engineering services as well as laboratory support services. Below is a partial listing of our water management services:


Field Engineering Services

  • On-Site Water Analyses, Interpretation, Recommendations, & Reporting
  • Corrosion Monitoring Including Corrosion Coupon Tests
  • Cooling Water Scale/Deposit Monitoring Using Portable Deposit Monitors
  • Waterside Inspections of Heat Exchangers and Boilers
  • Remote Visual Inspections Using State-Of-The-Art Video Borescopes
  • Web-Based Service Report Generation and Data Management
  • Operator Training
  • Steam Purity Testing
  • Deaerator Performance Testing
  • Energy, Water, And Chemical Cost Management Studies
  • Cooling Water Microbiological Testing
  • Polymer Jar Tests for Wastewater Treatment Applications
  • Consulting Services (Special Project Work)
  • Water Management Plans for Legionella Risk Management
  • Water Reuse & Recycling


Laboratory Support Capabilities

  • Water Analyses
  • Deposit/Scale Sample Analyses Via Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy (EDS)
  • Metallurgical Analyses Via Scanning Electron Microscopy Coupled With EDS
  • Microbiological Analyses Including Legionella Testing
  • Ion Exchange Resin Analyses


Full-Service Water Management

  • SmartBulkTM Chemical Delivery to Point-Of-Use
  • Remote Monitoring and Control of Water Chemistry Via Web-Based Controllers
  • Installation, Maintenance, And Repair of Water Purification Equipment
  • Installation, Maintenance, And Repair of Chemical Feed & Control Equipment
  • Turnkey Project Design, Installation, Startup, And Ongoing Maintenance

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