The primary focus of our engineering services is to optimize the performance of our water treatment programs. This benefits our clients by minimizing their costs of operating and maintaining their boiler and cooling water, potable water, process water, and wastewater systems. Our engineering services include both on-site water management services as well as complete laboratory analytical services.

Once a water treatment program has been implemented, it must be properly applied, monitored, and controlled on a consistent basis to obtain desired results. To accomplish this, we rely on our highly trained and competent water management engineers and technicians. Our experienced field service personnel have the expertise needed to effectively manage the water chemistry in the various types of water systems that we service.

For effective in-plant water treatment control, our field service personnel provide training for facilities maintenance and operations personnel. This enables facilities personnel to monitor their water treatment programs as often as every shift or daily so that they can make adjustments based upon water analyses and operational data. For clients with limited manpower resources, we offer “full-service” water management whereby our technicians perform all the work including monitoring water chemistry, maintaining water chemistry within specifications, maintaining chemical feed & control equipment, maintaining water purification equipment, and delivering the chemical treatment products to their points-of-use. Our full-service programs often include our SmartBulkTM Delivery Service and state-of-the-art remote monitoring and control equipment. We also provide “turn-key” water management services whereby we not only provide, but also install the chemical feed & control equipment as well as any water purification equipment needed for a water treatment application.

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