Water Treatment Equipment

The proper design and operation of water treatment equipment can be as important, or even more important than the chemical treatment program employed in a water treatment application. As an authorized Marlo dealer, we specify, install and service only the highest quality commercial/industrial water treatment equipment. Marlo’s engineering assistance and our own applications expertise assures our clients that the appropriate equipment systems are specified, that the equipment is sized properly, and functions reliably as part of a cost-effective water management program.

As an integral part of our water management programs, our equipment systems improve overall water treatment performance, reduce chemical requirements/costs, and conserve water and energy. The water treatment equipment systems that we design are used to pretreat boiler and cooling water makeup, improve potable water quality, produce high purity process water, and remove pollutants from wastewater. The following is a partial list of our water purification equipment systems:

  • Multi-Media Filtration Systems for Suspended Solids Removal
  • Manganese Greensand Filtration Systems for Iron Removal
  • Activated Carbon Filtration Systems for Chlorine & Organics Removal
  • Water Softener Systems for Hardness Removal
  • Bulk Salt/Brine Storage Systems for Large Softener Systems
  • Dealkalizer Systems for Alkalinity Reduction
  • Steam Condensate Polisher Systems for Hardness & Iron Removal
  • Deionization Systems for High Purity Water Production
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems for High Purity Water Production

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