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Our chemical additives are used in the treatment of potable water systems, steam boiler systems, cooling water systems, and wastewater treatment systems. The selection of an appropriate chemical treatment program combined with its proper implementation and application are critical to obtaining desired results. To meet the many water treatment challenges that our clients face, we maintain an extensive inventory of “stock” chemical treatment formulations. We also can custom formulate products for your specific water treatment application.

Whether the source of a facility’s potable water supply is well water, surface water, or municipal water, we have chemical treatment formulations that will protect the distribution piping against corrosion as well as disinfectants for bacteria control. These products conform to ANSI/NSF Standards 60 and 61 for use as drinking water additives.

We use high performance boiler water additives in a wide variety of commercial and industrial steam boiler systems to protect piping and equipment against corrosion and scale deposition. Products include CORROX chemical oxygen scavengers used to protect preboiler and boiler system equipment against corrosion, DISPERSOL antiscalant additives formulated with advanced polymer dispersant technology to inhibit scale deposition in boilers, and CORMEEN corrosion inhibitors used to protect steam condensate system piping and equipment against corrosion.

To inhibit corrosion, scale deposition, and microbiological fouling in industrial process and commercial HVAC cooling water systems, we use the most advanced high performance cooling water additives on the market. Products include our CORRPRO series formulations that incorporate “all-organic” corrosion/scale inhibition technology and our CORRPHOS series formulations that incorporate “stabilized-phosphate” corrosion/scale inhibition technology. CORRPRO products are available with fluorescent dye tracer technology to simplify and optimize monitoring & control of the inhibitor concentration in the cooling water. Both product series include the latest advances in polymer dispersant technology. In addition to these scale/corrosion inhibitor formulations, we have a complete line of oxidizing and non-oxidizing microbiocides for cost effective control of algae and bacteria growth.

Our DYNAFLOC series products include dry, emulsion, and solution polymer coagulants and flocculants plus custom formulated polymer/inorganic coagulant blends. These waste water treatment products are used in clarification, filtration, and sludge dewatering processes to cost effectively remove pollutants from plant effluent water while minimizing associated sludge disposal costs. These chemical treatment products are typically used as part of a plant-wide comprehensive water management program designed to conserve and reuse water while producing effluent water quality that meets discharge permit limitations.

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