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Lombardi Water Management, Inc. is a growing regional water management company located just outside Columbus, Ohio. We specialize in the sales and application of state-of-the-art commercial/industrial water treatment technologies.

Our engineering services, chemical treatment products, and water treatment equipment enable our clients to minimize their costs associated with operating and maintaining their water systems. Areas of expertise include boiler, cooling, potable, process, and waste water treatment applications.

We Offer State-of-the-Art Water Treatment Technologies

Water Management

Our engineering services include both on-site water management services as well as complete laboratory analytical services.

Chemical Solutions

Our chemical additives are used in the treatment of steam boiler water systems, cooling water systems, potable water systems, and wastewater treatment systems.

Water Treatment Equipment

Our equipment systems improve overall water treatment performance, reduce chemical requirements / costs, and conserve water and energy.

Chemical Feed & Control Equipment

We sell and service the latest and most advanced equipment used to automate the feed, monitoring, and control of chemical treatment programs.

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